4 Inspiring Books Every Sports Manager Needs

Sports-based stories and autobiographies have been growing as a genre in the recent years. Many eBook and audiobook sites like Aceviewer features them exclusively. There are some books that was written for a specific set of people. Here’s an amazing list of books that every sport manager or even sport enthusiasts should read.

  1. Moneyball by Michael Lewis

Moneyball is a fresh and new take on baseball and takes your behind the scenes. With not enough budget as the big teams, Billy Beane sets out to make a team using statistics and facts. He made a great team from scratch and recruited players that others considered were past their prime. Here’s a tale of sheer will and grit.

  1. Imperfect by Jim Abbott

The gold medalist from the 1988 Olympics, shares his experience and journey to the top. Abbott describes an unforgettable experience and the insecurities he faced during those years of glory and struggle.

  1. When Pride Still Mattered by Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi is one of the most reputable football players. At a young age of 46, he was already coaching a professional football team. This book tells us more about the life of the man himself.

  1. Wooden: A Coach’s Life by Seth Davis

Wooden covers the life and memories of a famous basketball coach Jim Wooden. He was the coach for UCLA and during that time, he lead the team on a record-breaking 88 game winning streak. Davis conducted extensive interviews with the players and staff to give us insights into the coach’s mind.

Sports managers can learn a thing or two from these legends and these books are definite keepers for sports enthusiasts. Many more similar books are available on Aceviewer. The life of a sports manager does look simple from the outside, but there are certain principles and rules that every manager should follow to attain hard-earned success. Each of these books teach us something about life!


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