Hinting Your End In The Opening Scene

It’s often believed that people will be disinterested in reading a book, if the writer doesn’t set an exciting premise. You need to lure and hook your readers from the very first line. Since the writing field is an extremely competitive world, it is essential to make a strong impression. Most popular writers who get featured on online eBook platforms like Aceviewer, know the importance of setting and building the anticipation for the climax.

Foreshadowing of a good end is crucial, but not many writers have mastered this art. A good book will give you all the right hints from the very beginning, so that you can untangle the knots to reveal the truth. In order to give the climax an impact, the opening scene should foreshadow the entire thing.

You need to introduce your readers to the protagonist and their wants and needs and their plans, to get the perfect climatic ending. There is no denying that there should be some kind of challenge for your lead character. Only a gripping challenge will keep the anticipation high and keep your readers going. The cascade of events in the book should lead to the final shebang. Look at your opening scene from the perspective of a writer, and build it accordingly.

Newbie writers who desire to be featured on platforms like Aceviewer, work on the beginning of their book to get a solid climax. From subtle character changes to plot twists, every tiny element in writing can change the story and its meaning for readers.


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