3 Key Mistakes eBook Authors Need To Avoid To Increase Sales

Technology has revolutionized reading and publishing. Sites like Aceviewer provide a range of services that enable their subscribers to enjoy their favorite authors from anywhere, anytime.

While eBook authors have a ripe market to tap into, some eBook authors tend to make more sales than others. This happens because of certain mistakes that the authors make. Given below are some of those key mistakes.

Fail to appeal to a specific audience

Your eBook is competing with millions of others, which proves to be an uphill task for many beginning authors. And, when they do not clearly define, identify, and visualize who they are selling their book to, getting their book discovered in all the noise becomes rather difficult.

Lack of interesting cover and/or title

The most important reason why a reader would buy a book is because they felt compelled enough to know more about its content. And, the key factor in arousing their interest is the cover and title of your eBook. The cover and title should not only be professional looking but also uniquely creative.

Not delivering what the title promised

You cannot get away by shortchanging your readers. You need to deliver on what your title promises, or else it will come off as an overpriced brochure. When readers buy an eBook, they are looking for substance and value, not a sales pitch.

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