The Creative Conflict: Are Movies Better Than Books?

There has always been a creative tussle between hard-core book fans and movie buffs. With books being adapted into movie series and movies acting as inspiration for characters and tropes in books, the two worlds are intermingling in a beautiful manner. But there is still an undying disagreement between the two groups. Well, let’s break down each of the categories to get to the root of this struggle.

There is no denying the fact that movies bring to life a whole new world in front of our eyes and give rise to our imagination. But that does not mean that books do not have much to offer. The users on Aceviewer are constantly seen debating about the different books that fight for attention. When we watch movies, we are mere observers. But when you read a book, you feel every emotion the character is going through.

Books offer an escape and they are prefect when we need to forget our troubles. Movies offer couple of hours of entertainment, books on the other hand give us the opportunity to live as someone else in a world filled with adventure, intrigue, romance and other emotions. Every book leaves an impression on our mind and some even inspire us to pen down our own thoughts.

Movies definitely offer a visual stimulation, but books offer a more stable and lasting escape. It is not really about one winning over the other; it’s just a matter of preference. While you contemplate over that thought, go checkout the amazing collection of eBooks, music and games at Aceviewer. If you are looking for an excuse to sit back and relax, why not do it with your favorite books and music at your fingertips.


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